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Fairy Essence
Fairy Essence
Fairy Essence
Fairy Essence
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Fairy Essence

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🧚‍♀️ Faeries always cherish their gems & crystals as little helpers when performing magic or embarking upon a quest in life. Energy from the faeries is especially important because they show us humans how to live our lives with fun, liveliness, vibrancy, laughter, & delight in the wonders around us. These little people have the ability to share their powerful energy with us if we treat them with respect & kindness. By using specific crystals meant to appease the faeries, you are able to connect with them.

Faerie crystals are used to bring balance to the emotional, spiritual, & physical bodies when in rituals & practices involving faerie energy. Be responsible, & know that the Fae are powerful & mischievous. However, the faeries are here to help you if you are pure in heart & intention and truly believe they are there for you.

Fairy Essence Spray includes:

  • Crystal Essence: Herkimer Diamond, Spirit (Fairy) Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Turquoise
  • Essential Oils: Myrtle, Mugwort, Jasmine, Gardenia
  • Crystals (in bottle): Clear & Rose Quartz
  • Other ingredients: Full Moon crystal essence filtered water, Organic Alcohol to preserve

More information on the crystal essences included:

- Prehnite: A main Fae stone & is used to open the heart chakra to the unconditional love & affection of the self & faerie-self. Promotes personal heart healing & communication with other real beings. The energy of this green stone brings about feelings of calm, serenity, harmony, & protection
- Herkimer Diamond: Emanates the brightest crystal Light, purifying one's energy field & attuning to the Divine. Carries the grace of a constant connection to higher spiritual domains, even to the point of drawing angels to its pure etheric radiance. They have also been credited with enticing fairies. May stimulate clairvoyant & clairaudient abilities, and may assist in telepathic communication. Extremely useful for vivid dreams & dream recall, and may be used to recover past life information
- Pink Tourmaline: Connects to the Fae in many ways depending upon your intention & the variety of color. Pink tourmaline opens the heart & gives the Faeries the "go" sign when sharing their loving vibes with you. Be open to their messages & advice and you can use their magic to aid you in life
- Turquoise: Is the bridge between heaven & earth, material & etheric, human & other real beings. Is heavily guarded by the Native Americans who believed strongly in nature spirits & deities (Fae beings). This soothing stone will bring you extra clarity when using your third eye. Gift this stone to the faeries to ensure they bless you with good fortune & peace
- Spirit (Fairy) Quartz: Links the subtle earthly vibrations to that of the Faerie Kingdom. Will align your energy to match the frequency of the Fae that is needed most for your spiritual development. Is great for unraveling family myths & secrets that have been long lost
- Rose Quartz: Will attract the faeries of love into your home & practice. These special Fae are lovely & with only aid you in your magic if your heart is pure & compassionate. Use this stone to slow down the Fae & show them that you are here to truly love and you deeply believe that their magic can aid you achieve a higher frequency of love and goodness. 



In addition to pure crystal essence, this spray is infused with pure essential oils and comes in amber colored glass bottle. Please note that the crystals pictured are not included. These are the crystals used to infuse the spray. There are small crystals included in the spray bottle, which are listed in the ingredient list.

All products are made with Love & Light in Alameda, CA (by the sea shore)


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